voortgangsverslag Edmund Mendy

Hieronder leest u een brief die Edmund Mendy ons stuurde (april 2014). Hij studeert computer science en wordt gesponsord door een donateur van onze stichting.
De problemen waar hij mee worstelt zijn karakteristiek voor het het tropisch ontwikkelingsland dat Gabia is. Is het niet malaria, dat stokt het onderwijs wel door onvoldoende leerkrachten. Heel begrijpelijk dat dan een studie wel eens niet helemaaal volgens planning verloopt, ook al is de student meer dan gemiddeld gemotiveeerd.
I deferred my “should be” 4th semester (January, 2013) due to poor health that time. Especially my 3rd and my 4th semester above, I had health issues like malaria before and during the exams which resulted in my relatively poor performance in some of the courses.
(The semester I deferred I was doing Linear Algebra 2, Computer Programming 1 ( i.e. Java1), Calculus 2, Web Programming 1, and Database Systems. The following semester I could not take the programming courses because my computer had a problem and crash and without any back up, I lost all my files).
The maximum number of courses a student can register for is six, but as you can see above, I had four to five courses per semester because of lack of lecturers.
Sometimes after taking a particular course, especially computer science courses, we will never see the assigned lecturer and then at middle of the semester we will be told that there is no lecturer for that course, which implies that we can’t do that course that semester. At times they do not bring some courses at all which may serve as prerequisites for some higher level courses.
Sometimes courses are mounted during the summer and most of the time they concentrate on the courses that may not be available the coming semester or those that did not come the previous one. So I would have loved to join the summer program this coming summer. A student can take up to four courses during the summer period. It is D2, 500 per course last summer. This will really help me and it may also decrease the duration of my program at the university. So please help me.
Besides that, I am really happy with my studies.
I thank you very much for sponsoring me. May all that you desire in life be yours.
Thank you once again.