Samba Jallow

Samba is een veelbelovende student van het buurdorp Kafuta. Zijn moeder is overleden en ze hebben het niet makkelijk thuis. Met zijn top resultaten moet hij een kans krijgen zijn middelbare school succesvol af te ronden.
Voor de komende jaar heeft hij per jaar ongeveer nodig:
2014 200 Euro
2015 150 Euro
2016 200 Euro
Nyima Sonko, die aanvragers voor sponsoring interviewt, doet hieronder verslag.
Samba Jallow, a 16 year old boy from the village of Kafuta completed his Upper Basic School with very good results. He is living with his father, 3 sisters, 2 brothers and his step-mum. His father farms and he normally grows millet and groundnut and sometimes he grows cassava. He keeps all the harvest for the family and sells milk from his cows. It is from the milk he gets money to pay our fees at school, clothing, feeding, etc… Sometimes we do face difficulties at home financially and we overcome it by trying to get wood from the forest and sell it out. “I lost my mother and so my dad has to do all single handed.”
He was in Kafuta Upper Basic School and he just graduated with aggregate 9 *). He used to face difficulties in paying his school fees and getting his other school materials. In his last academic year, the school had difficulties in getting subject teachers although other teachers volunteer to teach the subjects without teachers, which helped the students a bit. He was not far from his school so he didn’t have to face difficulties in having to take transport or being late to school because of having to walk for a long distance. During his free time, he helps his dad in the farm and with domestic work like fencing, etc.., visit friends and read with his friends as well.
He wants to go to Nusrat Senior Secondary School and he wants to study Science. He wants to become a doctor because it has been his choice since he was young and also wants to help save his country (people) and prevent many diseases.

Inmiddels heeft zien voor deze jongen een sponsor gemeld (November 2015).

*) (Het best haalbare resultaat is Aggregate 6, het slechtst mogelijk is Agregate 54)
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