Rita Gomez

Rita woont in Kanjiramba, 2 km voor Tumani Tenda. Ze loopt 5km naar school in Kafuta, en naar eigen zeggen heeft ze goede resultaten, behalve voor wiskunde waar ze het eerste trimester geen docent voor hadden. Ze hoopt dat dat nu beter zal worden.
Voor de komende 2 jaar is hebben we een :sponsor voor haar.

Nyima interviewde haar en doet hieronder verslag. Ze vertelt dat Rita een stil meisje is met weinig woorden.

I live in Kanjiramba village, with my grandparents who are taking care of me. My mother lives in Serekunda and works as a nurse in the main hospital in Banjul, the capital city. My father is not alive.

My main hobby which I love most is long jump.

My school is located in Kafuta village, 5 km from our home and I walk to and from school with my friends every day. I am in grade 8 and do the following subjects: maths, English, Science, Social and Environmental Studies, Home Science, Arts & Craft, Agricultural Science, French, Technical Drawing, Christian Religious Education.
My favourite subjects are English, Maths and Agricultural Science.

At school I sometimes face difficulties with the payment of text books, exercise books, uniforms as well as lunch. I want to learn and complete my education and have knowledge.

I want to become a nurse like my mother . I wish to have a long life and be a good citizen.