Isatu Jarju

Isatu Jarju (16), een goede leerlinge van de middebare school. Met een eenmalig bedrag van 100 euro kan zij door t/m haar eindexamen in 2016.

Zij schrijft over zichzelf:

“My name is isatou jarju. I am staying with my mum and my elder and younger sisters in tumani tenda village.
Am in grade 9 this year and I did the final exams to enter high school, though the results are not out yet. Am not quite sure what I would later in life as a profession so I will need to do some thinking about that.
My sister had her final exams this year and she wants to do nursing so maybe I want to do something different.
School is going on fine and though am a bit nervous with how my results are going to turn out, I still hope for the best.
I had a great time in junior school and am really looking forward to start high school.
I am really happy with the sponsors and I can say they made me someone.”

2013 Isatou Jarjue TT


Isatu Jarju en haar moeder bij Henriette Sonko thuis.