Tumani Tenda is a village in The Gambia in West Africa. The Gambia is a stable country. The climate is hot and dry from November to May. Subsistence farming is the main source of income besides increasing tourism. Mrs. Henriette Brümmer-Sonko, who holds an MSc degree in agricultural engineering and comes from Bilthoven, the Netherlands, lives and works in The Gambia since 1991. Since 2001 she lives with her Gambian husband – Ebrima Sonko – who is a farmer – at Tumani Tenda.
Besides their day-to-day work Mr. and Mrs. Sonko are active in various types of development work in and around Tumani Tenda. The Tumani Tenda Development Fund at Bilthoven helps in fund raising for the development projects.

With financial and material support, the Tumani Tenda people established a nursery school and a primary school for children from Tumani Tenda and neighbouring villages. They provide financial support for (parents of) pupils and students, for whom otherwise the desired education would be out of reach. The school now has over 300 pupils.

In general, the way the Foundation works is to provide financial or other support to good initiatives sprouting from within the community and which otherwise would not materialize. Education however is the main aim of the TTDF. Donations made in one of the above-mentioned TTDF accounts are batch-wise transferred to the account of the Gambian Sister Foundation named Tumani Tenda Development Foundation, which is controlled by Mrs. Henriëtte Brümmer Sonko. The TTD Foundation in The Gambia is locally registered as charitable organization.
Annually a Finance- and Activities report is made. Also annually, a meeting is held at Bilthoven for all who are interested, where Mrs Brümmer-Sonko reports about the state of affairs at Tumani Tenda and about prospective new projects. Three or four times per year an intermediate briefing is distributed to
all who provided funding or are otherwise interested in the progress and results of work locally done.

The TTDF is registered with the Chamber of Commerce at Utrecht under number 30177407. In The Netherlands too, it is registered as charitable.
Donations to charity are tax-deductible expenses. They can reduce your taxable income. Most European countries also make donations to TTDF deductible.
All work for TTDF is done on a pro-deo basis. We have no salaried employees.

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