Emmanuel Mendy

Emmanuel heeft in 2001 eindexamen middelbare school gedaan. Vanwege financiele problemen ging hij niet verder leren maar gaf eerst les als “unqualified teacher” en ging vervolgens in het leger waar hij een aanstelling kreeg van (minimal) 12 jaar. Als de 12 jaar om zijn wil hij graag zelfstandig verder en daarom heeft hij onbetaald studieverlof aangevraagd om een vak te leren.
Op 1 juli 2015 meldde zich een sponsor die Emmanuel’s gehele verdere opleiding (nog 2 jaar) zal betalen. Hartelijk dank!

Nyima Sonko, die aanvragers voor sponsoring interview, doet hieronder verslag.

Emmanuel was born in Tumani Tenda in a farming family. As there was no school in Tumani Tenda in those days, he had to walk long distance to school, first to Suma kunda and later to Sohm Primary School, starting school when he was about 10 years of age. His secondary school he started at Kafuta and he did his last 3 years in Fatima High School in Bwiam.

His results were not very good and there was no money to continue his education as his brothers were still going to school. He therefore decided to take up a job as unqualified teacher, which was paid very poorly but gave him the opportunity to look after himself. He was not able to enter for teacher training and he decided to join the army, which gives in service training and a compulsory employment for 12 years. In 2007 he was lucky to be sent on an African Union Peace Keeping Mission in Darfur. With the savings he made he was able to buy a plot of land and build a small house where he is now living with his wife and children.

He realises that with his poor school results there is little hope for further promotion within the army and the only way to progress is to learn a skill which can give him an independent business.

It is with this in mind that Emmanuel choose to start a course in vehicle mechanics. He got permission from the army and went on unpaid study leave. The course is 4 years in school (including a lot of practical training) at the Gambia Technical Training Institute followed by 1 year practical. He hopes to start his own garage when he completes his course.
His meagre income is hardly enough to feed his family and he cannot afford to pay the school fees. Without a sponsor he will not be able to complete the course.

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