Edmond Mendy

Edmond Mendy uit Tumani Tenda studeert Computer Science aan de Universiteit van Gambia en heeft voor elk van de cursusjaren 2014-2015 en 2015-2016 € 900,- nodig. Gelukkkig heeft iemand net na het verschijnen van TT27 gereageerd en sponsoring toegezegd!

Hieronder zijn in het Engels geschreven levensverhaal (augustus 2014)

I was born 16th June 1988 in Panding, in the remote Kanchunku region of Guinee Bissau, I don’t know my family. My father passed away before I was born, my mother while I was still breastfeeding. I have never even seen a picture of them.
I was brought up by a caring lady called Lala. When I was 10 years old, she became very sick and was taken to the Gambia for treatment. As I missed her so much, I had behavioural problems and was beaten up all the time by the people I stayed with. You can still see the scars on my body. I ran away from home for two weeks sleeping in the bush, until a lady found me there. She wanted to take me back to the people who mistreated me but I convinced her that she should help me to go to the Gambia to be with my step mother.

She saw someone who was planning to travel to the Gambia and she asked them to take me along. I left Guinee Bissau on the 1st August 2000 and a month later I reached Tumani Tenda. I found my stepmother in a very bad condition. I was very sad as she was the only person I had in my life. I have no brothers, sisters and parents.
My stepmother was very worried to die and leave me behind. Who would take care of me? She died in my hands, on 8th November 2000, while I was caring for her as everyone else had gone to the field.
I was very lonely and at the age of 11 I had to sell wild fruits to for my personal expenses.
I was fortunate that the school in Tumani Tenda had just opened. As I had gone to school in Guinea Bissau (in Portugeese), I could start off in Grade 2.

To go to school, I needed a birth certificate. Michael helped me to get a Gambian one. I do not even know the name of my real parents but I know my surname is Da Costa. On my birth certificate Michaels parents are indicated as my parents and my surname became Mendy.
I often felt very lonely not knowing my family…. I thought of going back to Guinee Bissau but was also afraid of what I would face there.

Without the help of the Tumani Tenda Foundation, I would have dropped out of school after primary school. With your support I can now go to university to study computer science. Sometimes I am discouraged and want to look for a job, other days I encourage myself to continue my studies to improve my future chances. I hope to become an expert in Software engineering.
My aim in life is to get through the hardship I’ve faced all my life and to have an easier life in future.

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